For projects that require first-rate performance with maximum system efficiency, Isomat Smart Fit PreFab for Large Diameter Pipes offers a special range of high quality products to suit different requirements for extensive variety for HVAC and industrial applications.

Our forward thinking design concept brings an efficient alternative for large pipe insulation, offering extra benefits such as maximizing space-saving storage and effectively managing transportation costs due to flat sheet packaging, while still making forming at the site effortless.

Future Proof Potential

Isomat PreFab Pipe

Isomat Prefab PIPE – pre-assembled pipe segment for use on pipelines as a single or multi-layer installation.

Isomat PreFab Elbow

Isomat Prefab ELBOW – pre-assembled elbow segment for use on pipelines as a single or multilayer installation. For easy installation with no additional cutting needed.

Isomat Prefab Tee

Isomat Prefab TEE – pre-assembled tee segment for use on pipelines, with no additional cutting needed. Easy installation and flat sheet packaging.

Implementing individual and complex requirements in small and large insulation projects.

Countless Possibilities

Available for all sorts of pipework and fittings, this range includes a variety of components in different sizes, materials and thicknesses.

Material Options

Facing / Jacketing Options

*other material, facing and jacketing options available on request


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