About us

Isomat is a high-specialized energy technology company that's providing sustainable and innovative thermal management solutions of premium performance for the European market since 1992.

Our products are CE-certified and the quality is well recognized locally and internationally. 

We offer a wide product range along with specific insulation solutions suitable for a variety of applications and industries. We are known for:

  • CNC forming (2- and 3- dimensional) and further processing of insulation materials such as mineral wool, polyurethane PUR/PIR, EPS/XPS, phenol foam, foam glass, calcium silicate, aerogel, granulated rock wool blow-in insulation, etc.
  • all kinds of insulating compositions or other special insulation solutions. Our bestsellers are various forms of pipe sections, elbows, vessels sections and other 2- or 3- dimensional shapes
  • the execution of different insulation works. Our activities are focused on the implementation of all insulation materials, with the possibility of coating them with different qualities and thickness of sheet metal or other materials.

An impeccable track record in all of these areas, including excellent levels of customer satisfaction, is shown as a result of our passionate approach to the industry and strong company values, centered around exclusive customer service and manufacturing excellence, thats deeply commited to quality, and an open and hard-working team.


satisfied customers

Isomat d.o.o.


Isomat is founded
New manufacturing hall opens in Mežica, Slovenia
Over 90% of products and services are exported to German and Austrian market
The introduction of new laminating machines
New line for discont. Production of PUR blocks
Manufacturing hall no. 2 is opened for contour cutting of insulation materials
Manufacturing hall no. 3 is ready for developing of specialized insulation solutions: aerogels etc.
Isomat PreFab is launched
Brand identity and website are renovated
Start of advanced solutions with flexible robotic manufacturing 3D-insulating elements

Our team

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