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Isomat Melamine Insulation
Isomat Melamine foam insulation is a lightweight, open cell foam insulation, developed to be used as the main sound and thermal insulation material with a wide temperature range, low smoke and flame properties. In addition to providing excellent insulation properties, Isomat Melamine also provides outstanding acoustical performance and is therefore used in variety of ways – buildings, acoustics, transportation, insulation and the commodity chemistry industry, etc. It is easily shaped and sized to fit whatever project it is necessary and can be combined with a variety of factory applied jacketing.
Aerogel Insulation for Cryo Applications
Aerogel insulation blankets present a family of high performance insulation materials applicable in various industrial environments in their bare form or in form of prefabricated products. Two main components, the amorphous silica aerogel and fibrous batting, provide the technical properties such as flexibility, lowest thermal conductivity apart from vacuum solutions, excellent fire performance, hydrophobicity, water vapour permeability, resistance to moisture and fungal growth, noise reduction, resistance to compressive loads and other.
Custom Insulation Solutions With Flexible Robotic Manufacturing
Other Solutions With Flexible Robotic Manufacturing – promise of speed, efficiency and precision. We are able to adapt to fast-changing customer needs and rising expectations and offer a wide range of capabilities and application possibilities that achieve exacting production details.
Isomat Easy Clean Wash Paste
Isomat Easy Clean hand wash paste is an extremely effective product for washing hands. The special formula of this paste is based on skin-friendly ingredients and makes it easy to remove extremely stubborn dirt which ordinary sope is not able to cope. Easy clean was designed for use in workshops, industrial plants and wherever we have to deal with heavy dirt like oil, fats, tar, bitumen, industrial dirt and other.
Sheet Metal Cladding for Insulation Systems
Isomat Sheet metal clading or jacketing of aluminium is sortiment of pre-prepared products made of sheet metal that covers the segment elbows with the initial and final segment, straight pipe jacketing and covers. Quick delivery and easy installation are the key advantages that make execution and completion of works in short time possible.

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