Isomat Prefab

Isomat PreFab, trapezoidal cut insulation board from high quality insulating materials, with advanced manufacturing technology is an obvious choice for filling the need to save money. It's economic packaging enables to effectively manage transportation costs and maximize space-saving storage. This premium performance insulation product with innovative technical implementation solutions, makes forming at the job site effortless and proves to be the right solution for everyone.

»The challenge was to develop a new manufacturing technology
that would give our product new advantages for the 21st Century.«

We found a way to develop new, engineered solution that would take our product beyond normal performance and would give extra benefits to particular needs of our customers. Isomat PreFab can reduce energy losses without occupying extra space, thanks to its economic packaging that enables effectively managing transportation costs and maximizing space saving storage. Furthermore, it can live up to increasing environmental demands which include reducing carbon emissions and coping with escalating energy costs.

Isomat PreFab with ALU foil
Isomat PreFab with ALU foil is a first product in a family of premium performance insulation solutions. Optimum structure of fibres enables the insulation layer to formate perpendicular to the direction of heat flow, providing maximum resistance to heat loss. It is manufactured to specific pipe sizes and insulation thicknesses with a variety of facing options such as ALU-foil, glass fibres, jacketing, etc.
Isomat PreFab with metal sheet
Isomat PreFab with metal sheet is made as straight plate and further processed to standard version of segments. Produced to fit all standard pipe sizes from pipe diameter of 150 mm and larger, helps decrease thermal conductivity, reduce the loss of energy and exterior temperature.
Isomat PreFab Elbow System with Shiplap
Isomat PreFab Elbow System with Shiplap is an advanced, high performance insulation solution, where pieces are fitted together for increased strength and stability. It prevents thermal bridging that occurs through discontinuities or gaps in the insulation material and helps to achieve uniform thermal resistance.

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