Key challenges:

  • meeting tight schedules while maintaining high standards
  • congestions and overcrowded factories
  • tight spacing between components
  • inadequate time allocated for insulation activities
  • applications and skid designs are constantly changing

Key benefits:

  • faster time to the market
  • lowest installation cost and time
  • fewer resource requirements (reducing material waste, reduced skilled labor requirements, etc.)
  • just in time deliveries: eliminating congestions and space constraints in the factory
  • higher quality workmanship and control

Key features:

  • scalable solution to meet various needs
  • adjusted and modified to specific conditions and unique skid requirements
  • BIM and services coordination
  • high system reliability
  • high fabrication standards


Key challenges

  • schedule delays
  • cost overruns
  • quality assurance and risk responsibility
  • productivity challenges
  • communication and coordination with subcontractors

Key benefits:

  • predictable results
  • simplify the overall process leading to shorter time schedules
  • faster installation time with less errors and reworks
  • increased levels of control, precision, accuracy and quality
  • improved coordination: effectively overlapping M&E&Insulation installations

Key Features

  • prefabricated components and assemblies are built to the exact requirements and specifications of a project
  • installed and connected quickly and easily with minimal waste
  • high fabrication standards
  • BIM and services coordination with JIT deliveries

Maintenance & Shutdowns

Key challenges

  • controlling costs and duration of shutdowns and maintenance works
  • detailed planning and organization of work involved
  • safety challenges
  • insulation works not a priority
  • hidden errors

Key benefits

  • reducing unplanned downtime
  • assemblies simplified, smaller field crews are required
  • preassembled to a clear and reliable schedule, unimpeded by the work of other trades
  • coordination ahead of time with JIT deliveries

Key features

  • components prepared ahead of time and ahead of field installation
  • the system suits exact operational requirements
  • consistent quality and performance that meets your specifications and design criteria
  • easily removed for inspection and installed again


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