Mineral Wool

Isomat Wool is a reliable and cost-effective product, that's excellent heat insulator and sound absorber, when passive fire protection is needed. This unique and highly versatile product represents the easiest way to improve thermal insulation, making it one of the best insulating materials on the market. Advanced manufacturing technology ensures that our mineral wool products have consistent product quality, for excellent performance in thermal control and fire resistance applications.

Mineral Wool Pipe Sections un-laminated
Isomat Mineral Wool Pipe Sections, un-laminated, contribute to thermal savings and improve acoustic performance.

The different internal diameters and different wall thickness are suitable for insulation of all types of pipelines, for heating and ventilation of various circular cross-sections. Longitudinal slit allows easy and quick installation.
 Isomat Mineral Wool Pipe Sections with ALU-foil
Isomat Mineral Wool Pipe Sections, ALU, with extremely durable and protective low vapour permeability aluminium foil, prevent condensation problems and help to provide effective vapour control.

For simple closure the pipe sections are provided with a double-sided ahesive tape with finger lift.
Isomat Smiley, V-grooved mineral wool insulation elbow
Isomat Mineral Wool Elbows, are significant fort he insulation of sheet moldings and curves of heating and hot water pipes.
D3 un-laminated insulation elbows are cut out of mineral wool block in a single cut or different kinds of segments and deliverable as two half shells.
V-grooved insulation elbows with ALU-foil, are cut out of mineral wool pipe sections, laminated with a glass-fibre reinforced aluminium foil, with longitudinal slit for easy and quick installation.


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